16 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Daily!


Have you ever thought what food causes to your body?

Some people keep their eyes close to the calories on their food, but few actually consider the food itself and the possible chemicals in it.

Last year, approximately 1.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer. Don’t you think It’s the right time to start thinking about what’s in your food and discover what foods help feed cancer cells.

Take a look at our list of some of the common foods that can cause cancer:



16. Canned Tomatoes


Avoiding canned tomatos will help you avoid cancer. Using frech tomatos is healthier and can help combact cancer.

The National Academy of Sciences provided evidence in 2013 that BPA the chemical that’s used in the canning process affects our genes and brain.

Therefore, the FDA is looking to eliminate this chemical altogether. However, it will continue to be used until they can find a replacement.

In addition, canned tomatoes are especially dangerous because they are very acidic, and this acidity helps the BPA adhere to the tomatoes. It’s even been said that canned tomatoes should not be feed to young children, so you should probably stick to fresh, organic tomatoes from now on.


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